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Be Ready for the Seasons with Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Irrespective of part of the United States that you live in, outdoor furniture has unique characteristics. From chilly winters to harsh summers, outdoor restaurant furniture must face a lot of weather extremes throughout the year.  No matter how durable your patio furniture might be, they are subject to weather elements. Harmful UV rays, incessant rains, dust, storms, etc. can all contribute to deteriorate its condition quite faster than we anticipate.

However, you can adopt simple steps to increase the longevity and keep your furniture in top shape.

A. Evaluate the Condition of Outdoor Furniture:

With spring just around the corner, the first step in organizing your outdoor restaurant furniture is to evaluate its condition. Start by cleaning it to remove the layers of dirt accumulated over the winter. Once everything is clean, it is time to repair the outdoor table and chairs. Check for any visible cracks or broken pieces. Whether it is a mechanical fitting or repairing nicks or scratches, you must decide whether to opt for repairing or replacing it. If you are a service-based establishment like a restaurant, you know the importance of maintaining the aesthetic

appeal of the seating area. While repairing seems like a cost-effective solution, if it is too old, it may be best to replace the old outdoor patio furniture.

B. Replace the Furniture with a New Style:

Replace with New One

Replacing your old furniture with new, updated stylish options enhances the overall look of your patio. Here are the few items worth considering giving your outdoor area a fresh look:

1. Get Comfortable Outdoor Chairs:

While selecting outdoor chairs, you have to combine comfortability and durability, which can be time-consuming and exhaustive. A lightweight, high-quality outdoor chair must not only offer a stylish appearance, but it must also be reliable and weather-proof.

2. Invest in Commercial Table Sets:

One of the easiest ways to design your patio with new furniture is to get commercial-grade patio dining sets, which create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. These sets are available in many colors, and are a matched set which improves the overall appearance of your establishment.

3. Create Stylish Seating Area with Patio Sofa Sets:

An outdoor seating area with creative outdoor patio sofa sets gives your restaurant a relaxing appeal. You can combine different sets of outdoor benches, armchairs, coffee tables, and ottomans, etc. to offer a unique look to your restaurant. Select these durable all-weatherproof sofa sets with cushions in a wide variety of colors that go with the theme of your interior dining space.

4. Versatile Bar Stools:

Apart from saving space in a restaurant, bar stools offer mobility, flexibility, and versatility. For outdoor seating arrangements, consider bar stools with rigid but lightweight aluminium frames. From modern to traditional, from comfortable backless and stackable options, these commercial outdoor bar stools are available in a variety of affordable styles.

C. Protect Outdoor Furniture:

Buying outdoor furniture can require a substantial investment. Therefore, you must ensure it stays at looking great for years to come. From buying to cleaning, from maintaining to storing, follow these simple steps to enhance the appearance and life of your outdoor tables and chairs:

1. Clean the Outdoor Furniture Regularly:

No matter how properly you take care of your furniture, you must clean it thoroughly and periodically. Different furniture materials like metals, plastics, cushions, wood, etc. require separate cleaning strategies to keep them in their best shape. Let’s take a quick look!

Metal and Plastic: For aluminium, steel, plastic, etc. patio table use a mild soap solution to wipe away dirt. A few metal outdoor options may be prone to rust, so make sure you don’t leave these items in areas where they’ll continually be left wet. If you notice any rusting, rub sandpaper on the area to remove oxidized and consider a paint touch up..

Wood: Most outdoor wood chairs for restaurant are made from teak. Since wood is susceptible to absorbing moisture in the air, cleaning it requires more caution and care. Some real teak tables may need a coat of sealer applied at various intervals.

Fabric and Cushions: If possible, you can use a powerful vacuum cleaner on cushions to clean the dust and small particles. Additionally, you can use soap solution and warm water to spot clean them. Wash the cushion covers separately with a mild soap solution.

2. Invest in Weatherproof Covers:

Weatherproof covers are a cost-effective solution to provide longevity to the outdoor furniture. If you decide these are a great option for you, make sure you’ll have a storage place for covers when not in use.

These covers offer all-round weather protection from snow, wind, rain, UV, etc. Apart from safeguarding your furniture from harsh weather, these covers prevent fading and keep them clean and ready for the next use. Common materials used for outdoor table cover like polyester, canvas, etc. are waterproof and protect them from UV radiation as well. Ensure that the covers fit your furniture properly to prevent any exposed areas. Some restaurants chain their furniture to railings or other structures to keep them from blowing around during high winds.

3. Store the Unused Furniture Properly:

Especially in the areas experiencing weather extremities for a longer duration, it makes sense to store the furniture if you are not using them. Before storing the furniture, ensure that you clean and dry them properly. Some chairs have handy stacking dollies that can make it easier for transport and storage. Most outdoor chairs are stackable making them easy to store in a small space.

D. Buy with Gotable:

Buy with Gotable

Quality outdoor furniture and proper care can do wonders for improving its lifespan and visual appeal. The tips mentioned above guide you in buying commercial grade outdoor furniture and help them last longer. If you are looking for commercial-grade outdoor restaurant furniture, Missouri Table & Chair have over four decades of experience for all your furniture requirements. Armed with the latest information, customized solutions, and reliable customer service, they provide the right guidance to make an informed decision. Get in touch to find out more!