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  1. Toledo 640W Metal Frame Barstool
    Toledo 640W Metal Frame Barstool
  2. Timber Metal Frame Barstool - Clear Coat Natural
    Timber Metal Frame Barstool
  3. SL8133 Tufted Bucket Barstool - Buckskin
    SL8133 Tufted Back Bucket Barstool
  4. SL8133 Tufted Back Bucket Barstool - Black
    SL8134 Tufted Back Bucket Barstool
  5. SL9134 Cutout Back Barstool - Black
    SL9134 Cutout Back Barstool
  6. Dante 613W Ladderback Metal Frame Barstool
    Dante 613W Ladderback Metal Frame Barstool
  7. SL9136 Cutout Back Barstool - Black Frame/Buckskin Seat & Back
    SL9136 Cutout Back Barstool
    As low as $116.00
  8. SL9133 Cutout Back Barstool - Buckskin
    SL9133 Cutout Back Barstool
  9. SL8136 Tufted Bucket Barstool - Black Frame & Black Seat
    SL8136 Tufted Back Bucket Barstool
    As low as $124.00
  10. Lima Metal Frame Barstool - Wood Seat
    Lima Metal Frame Barstool
    As low as $153.00
  11. SL2130P - Crossback Black Metal Frame Barstool - Wood Seat
    SL2130-1 Metal Frame Barstool
    As low as $97.00
  12. 411 Wood Frame Barstool
    411 Wood Frame Barstool
    As low as $144.00
  13. 200-4 Metal Barstool
    DRB Bucket Metal Barstool
  14. Cn-201B Wood Barstool
    CN-201B Wood Barstool
  15. 804 Outdoor Barstool
    804 Outdoor Barstool
  16. BAL-5624 Outdoor Barstool - Silver/Wine
    BAL-5624 Outdoor Barstool
  17. 200-6 Metal Barstool
    SQR Bucket Metal Barstool
  18. Melrose Wood Frame Barstool - 6 Horizontal Slat Back
    Melrose Wood Frame Bar Stool
    As low as $363.00
  19. SL2150-1 Metal Frame Barstool-Black Frame/Wood Seat
    SL2150-1 Metal Frame Barstool
    As low as $105.00
  20. SRB Backless Barstool
    srb Backless Barstool
  21. Diamondback Outdoor Barstool
    Diamondback Outdoor Barstool
  22. 415 Wood Frame Barstool - Walnut
    415 Wood Frame Barstool
  23. 537 Wood Frame Barstool
    537 Wood Frame Barstool
  24. DRB Back Metal Barstool
    drb Back Metal Barstool
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Items 1-24 of 85

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Fabric LinkWhether yours is a café, a family restaurant, a sports bar, or a fast-food joint, give it a dream makeover by selecting from the wide range of our restaurant bar stools. Our large selection of commercial bar stools is available in several materials to enhance the décor of any setup - from wood frame to metal frame, from aluminum to plastic bar stools in stunning colors. On top of that, you get several style options with or without back and arm support that complete your restaurant’s interior design.

For example, our DRB Bucket Metal Bar Stool has a retro look with a rugged metal frame and comes with a padded vinyl seat and swivel option for your guest’s comfort. Similarly, our modern DRB Band Backless Bar Stool, having a chrome finish and double-ring base, can be the perfect choice to jazz up your restaurant for fun diners.



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Further, we understand that our relationship with the customer does not end once we deliver the product and offer unparalleled after-sales support.


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Our wide range of commercial restaurant bar stools can cater to your every requirement, irrespective of your restaurant’s interiors or the atmosphere you wish to create. Whether you order from our off-the-shelf inventory or choose a custom product, we are your one-stop solution for buying easy to maintain, cost-effective, long-lasting, heavy duty commercial bar stools. Some of our popular bar stool categories include:



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