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  1. Trapezoidal Back Banquet Chair - Gray Fabric w/Silvervein Frame
    Trapezoidal Back Banquet Chair
    As low as $48.00
  2. Dome Back Banquet Chair, Burgundy Pattern Fabric on Gold Frame
    Dome Back Banquet Chair
    As low as $55.00
  3. Teardrop Back Banquet Chair - Burgundy Pattern Fabric w/ Gold Frame
    Teardrop Back Banquet Chair
  4. Crown Back Banquet Chair - Black Vinyl w/ Silvervein Frame
    Crown Back Silver Banquet Chair
    As low as $53.00
  5. Crown Back Banquet Chair - Black Vinyl w/ Goldvein Frame
    Crown Back Gold Banquet Chair
    As low as $54.00
  6. Hercules 18.5" Banquet Chair - Plum Fabric w/ Goldvein Frame
    Hercules 18.5 Inch Banquet Chair
  7. Hercules 21" Banquet Chair - Plum Fabric w/ Goldvein Frame
    Hercules 21 Inch Banquet Chair
    As low as $76.00
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For events or businesses requiring a slightly elevated quality of seating over the traditional folding or stackable chair, conference seating can offer a comfortable option. Conference chairs allow for seating to be arranged and planned with the same ease of any stackable or folding chair. However, banquet/conference room chairs tend to offer a little more elegance than other seating options. The right conference chair can help raise your next event into the event of your dreams.


Convenient and Flexible:


These convenient restaurant chairs allow for flexibility in seating arrangements without sacrificing appearance or comfort, two things equally important in seating considerations when organizing any event. A quality banquet chairs offer more comfort for the guest with the extra cushioning they provide. Our chairs are padded with comfort in mind and crafted with durability to meet our high standards..

We Offer Customization as per Requirement:


At Missouri Table & Chair, we always put your satisfaction first and foremost in your search for commercial furniture. We work with you to find exactly what kind of seating you need and in the specifications most appealing to your particular event or business. We can easily customize colors for your event seating using your material or upholstery.


Different Style, Colors and Frames Available:


We offer banquet/conference room chairs in many different styles, colors, frames, and upholstery. Our banquet/conference chairs come in such varied styles as the Hercules which features luxurious padding for an extra touch of elegance and comfort, to the simple beauty of the Teardrop back banquet chair which displays a classy teardrop cutout backing and gold colored frame.


Attractive Fabric:


We also offer the more basic, yet still attractive, options such as the Trapezoidal chair which features the option of customizing fabrics and colors to truly accommodate the theme or style of your particular event. We will be pleased to help figure out which options work best for your particular event.


Call Us for Details:


Call and speak with one of our friendly furniture experts to ease the burden of seating arrangements and to start planning the best option to meet your seating needs today. Let us help make your next event a success with our affordable and stylish commercial conference chairs.

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