4 Factors You Shouldn’t Overlook when Choosing Restaurant Bar Tables

In a full service restaurant, the setup of bar are heavily depended on some of the elements of the premises. The size and theme of the premises are one of them. Furnishing this area may seem to be an overwhelming task. It is always better to have an idea for the type of restaurant bar tables you want. It will help you to find the best restaurant bar stools. Make a selection based on the overall theme and layout. Start by defining what you want the space to tell your patrons about your business. Then spend some time researching restaurant furniture, and specifically tables, to help you make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider for Choosing Restaurant Bar Tables

When you want to create unique winning dining experiences for your customers, a table is the first element that draws a lot of attention. Here are the important things that you shouldn’t ignore when selecting the best type of bar tables to enhance the ambiance and appeal of your restaurant’s interior.

Exploring the Table Material Options:

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You can reinvent the bar spaces in your restaurant by selecting the best type of material to fit your specific space and interior. Commercial dining tables are available in a great variety of materials, such as wood, granite, resin, and laminate, just to name a few. Selection of the perfect tables for your space is largely determined by your personal preferences but there are a few factors that will help you in creating an attractive space. Wood tables generally look great with wood chairs in the same tone or complementing color. Laminate tables along with budget friendly metal chairs are a classic style for many family style restaurants. These are just a couple ideas to get you started.

Exploring the Perfect Height:

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There are a general range of dimensions for table and chair height that are standard for restaurant furniture. These dimensions help insure that the average customer will be comfortable with this setup. The standard height of the restaurant bar tables is 42 inches. When matched with standard bar stools, which are generally 30 inches in height, they create a comfortable seating and table height match for the customer, and the perfect look in your restaurant. If you create a bar with dining surfaces outside these dimensions, it’s best to work with an experienced commercial furniture vendor so you don’t end up creating a bar that is too high or low.

Exploring the Material Options:

The durability of the restaurant tables is an important factor. Most reputable companies who sell restaurant furniture will offer a warranty backing the durability of their products. In addition be sure to research whether the commercial furniture vendor you are considering offers one. Also be wary of buying from them without a warranty. As we are considering durability, there are many good restaurant tables that can last very long with proper care. Among these are wood butcher block, granite, quartz, resin, laminate and metal, and many more restaurant table to choose from.

Aside from these few tips, choose the bar tables that are easy to clean and maintain which will save time for your staff and additional expense for you. Doing a little research will help you find a perfect blend of aesthetics, economy, and ergonomics. The end result will be a fantastic and flawless dining experience for your customers.

Exploring the Types of Table Bases:

Types of Table Bases

The varieties available in the table bases include cross base, round base, cantilevers, and T-shaped table legs. Choose the base that goes well with the tabletop and offers stability to the tables. Additionally, this decision may be based on the availability of spaces in your premises. Always choose the specific style and size that will properly support the weight of the table top. If you need help matching the bases to the tables, call your furniture vendor as they have a great deal of experience matching tables with proper bases.

Apart from these, choose the restaurant bar tables that are easy to clean and maintain. Find a perfect blend of aesthetics, economy, and ergonomics for flawless customer experiences.