Outdoor Table Materials

Running a restaurant can be a daunting task with a myriad of decisions to be made. When it comes to choosing the right outdoor seating options, one of the most important decisions is what type of table materials you should purchase for your outdoor oasis. With many different outdoor table materials available, choosing the right one requires a thorough understanding of your needs and the different factors affecting this decision.

Shade/sun exposure

Finding the right outdoor table materials for your needs depends on your outdoor seating area and how much sun or shade it receives throughout the day. If the area is completely shaded, the type of material is less important. If the area receives more sun than shade, granite tables, especially in dark colors, may get too hot for customers. Also, keep in mind how materials will react to water damage. If your location receives plenty of rain, and the tables will be exposed, consider choosing a more waterproof option such as plastic.


When looking at durability, keep in mind all the stressors tables will have to deal with in their lifetime. From the weather to constant use, outdoor tables have a lot of pressure wearing them down. Always spend ample time researching the best option for your needs prior to shopping around. Granite tables are extremely durable and easy to clean, while metal and resin tables offer reliable longevity and tend to be the top picks for commercial outdoor table materials. Again, the material that is best for you will depend on your specific needs and expectations.

Cleaning and Care

Another factor to consider when choosing outdoor table materials is the cleaning and care each type requires. If you are operating a smaller restaurant, you may find plastic or synthetic materials are the easiest to care for on your limited staff. For those willing to invest more time, teak wood and metal will last for years with the right upkeep. Metal tables require cleaning, sanding for rust, and reapplying worn protective coats if needed. While most commercial tables are made with the needs of businesses in mind, there will be minimal upkeep required to keep tables looking great for years to come.

No matter which outdoor table materials you choose for your restaurant, there will be pros and cons for each available material. To find the best option for you, carefully consider the factors that matter most to you, from appearance to upkeep, and what would be best for your operations while still meeting the expectations of your customer.