Restaurant Furniture Trends

Running a restaurant requires knowledge of many different topics, from cooking to customer service. One of the most essential elements to stay aware of are restaurant furniture trends. Customers like businesses that show signs of staying with the times. The world we live in moves faster than ever. Businesses need to be able to keep up with their ever-changing customers’ wants and needs.

Basic, Not Boring

When it comes to restaurant furniture trends, the most important thing is to follow trends that offer timeless appeal. A trend doesn’t have to be only for a short moment in time. For example, find ways to incorporate the latest trends into your décor scheme or layout in such a way that when trends change, as they inevitably will, you will be able to easily adjust your options. One example of this would be the rustic natural wood being in vogue right now, try to add a few end tables or carefully placed chairs to add this element without replacing all of your furniture with natural wood pieces. Metal tones, natural wood, and basic colors are in vogue this year. Try to incorporate them in a way that seems natural and allows you to adjust later on if needed. Also, consider the following for an affordable touch:

• Metal colors in the form of paint
• Wood tile flooring in designated areas
• Brick accent walls
• Artwork focusing on these elements

Another of the biggest restaurant furniture trends to be aware of is related to the obvious impact technology has on the modern customer. While having ample outlets has become an architecture requirement in the age of technology, many customers are looking for settings that allow for them to step away from technology. More restaurants are looking for ways to offer a more private dining experience. As a result, many restaurateurs are designing their layout with seclusion in mind and the furniture reflects this trend with high-backed booths and designated areas free from influences of technology.

• Carefully placed plants and shrubbery for a secluded feel
• Colorful screens to separate seating areas
• Limit televisions in seating areas

Some of the other major restaurant trends in regards to furniture are more about design than layout. With the average consumer becoming increasingly more conscientious about the environment, earth-friendly options are a popular choice, from furniture made from recycled materials to locally harvested lumber to save on gas emissions. Customers like knowing the businesses they frequent care about the same things they care about. When considering which restaurant furniture trends to follow, whether the trend of using natural elements, furniture with privacy in mind, or eco-friendly materials, it is best to consider your customer base first and foremost. You know what they want better than anyone!