Recommended Seating for Cafes

Planning any commercial area requires time, research, and patience to get things just right. When it comes to cafés, you want to create a certain atmosphere and invite customers to linger. Part of this environment is created by using the best tips for recommended seating for cafes. Café seating is slightly different than typical restaurants.

Whereas other restaurants encourage a more open seating plan to create privacy, café seating tends to be more intimate and communal. When it comes to recommended seating for cafes, we have a few tips to keep in mind.

Space Matters

A café is less about privacy and more about community than other commercial dining spaces. You want to allow guests enough space to feel comfortable and allow for quiet working or reading, but also leave just the right amount of space to encourage a more social atmosphere for guests looking for that aspect of a café. The recommended spacing between tables is as follows:

  • Round tables should be spaced roughly 54" apart.
  • Square and rectangle tables should be spaced roughly 60" apart.

Seating Type

A café should be a cozy place where customers feel invited to linger. An easy way to create this environment is the type of seating you use in your café. When considering recommended seating for cafes, keep in mind you can mix and match more freely than other establishments. Unlike a more formal environment, a café with a laid back atmosphere can utilize bar stools, chairs, and couches to the enjoyment of patrons.


Another tip is to consider not just the space or type of seating, but also where it is located. Does your location have a large window and open space where a cozy nook can be created with lounge chairs, a couch, and a stylish coffee table? Are there certain focal points in décor you want to draw attention to? Where you place your furniture can have an impact on how much customers enjoy your establishment so always try to carefully consider your actual placement of furniture from the guest’s point of view.