How to Clean Padded Tables

Cleaning tables is an important part of having great furniture in any restaurant. Cleanliness ensures tables are safe from harmful bacteria while also extending the life of the furniture. Since customers expect clean tables in good condition as part of their impression of your business, it is that much more important for them to be properly maintained. However, with so many different types and materials for tables, it is not always easy to know the best method for your situation, especially when it comes to fabric padding. With these helpful suggestions, you can learn how to clean padded tables quickly.

The most important thing in learning how to clean padded tables is that they require different cleaning than other tables. The best method for keeping any type of commercial furniture in great shape is to attempt to eliminate potential damage before it occurs. Preventative care is always the quickest, so make sure to immediately clean up any spills or stray food particles to prevent potential staining. Any time your table comes into contact with liquids or other substances, quickly wiping it off will go a long way in extending the life span of your table.

For daily cleaning at the end of the business day, simply use warm water and a safe cleaning chemical, this may be determined by the manufacturer upon purchase, and a wet towel. For messier tables, feel free to use a sponge and a stronger cleaner, such as diluted bleach, if it will not stain your table. There are several different fabrics available, so the proper steps to get a deep clean for yours is best left to manufacturer specifications. Some can be cleaned with bleach, while others are more fragile. It depends on the table you purchased as to which cleaning products are safe.

Padded tables are constructed in such a way that makes them a very economical and easy to clean option for dining spaces where metal silverware is used, as they have a layer of plastic that makes for easy cleanup. This moisture barrier protects against spills and other damage.