Tips on When to Replace Tables

While you hope any item you purchase for your business will last for many years, you will inevitably need to find replacements one day. Even with proper care and maintenance, commercial furniture will eventually give in to the wear and tear of the restaurant industry. When trying to decide when to take this next step, we have some helpful tips on when to replace tables that can help ease the confusion.

Elements of Function

One of the most important tips on when to replace tables is to consider their function. A table that has a wobble or isn’t level when on a flat surface may be in need of hardware to fix it. While you can repair most small hardware parts, there are larger elements of function that may require total replacing instead of repairs. Tables with jagged edges incapable of repair, cracked or unstable bases, or any other aspect that makes the table a safety hazard require replacement immediately.

Elements of Appearance

While function is the primary goal of tables, there is no denying the importance of appearance in commercial furniture. If customers feel your furniture looks run down and neglected, they may decide to go elsewhere for their meal. A poor looking dining area is a reflection of your entire operation and they may question what goes on in your kitchen based on your tables. Any table with cracks, scratches, burn marks, water spots, stains, discolorations, and other unsightly appearance issues that detract from your overall dining area are potential red flags to customers.

One of the best tips on when to replace tables is if the appearance of your tables in any way detracts from your lobby, it is time to find something new. You should also consider the overall style and if it is keeping with the times of your competition. If your tables are outdated and your competitors can give customers a nicer dining environment, you should update tables and chairs. Any time you update the rest of your décor, you should evaluate how your tables either help or hinder the new décor or style.