Tips on When to Replace Chairs

Chairs are one of the most important elements of a restaurant. They provide your customers with comfort and support for an enjoyable dining experience. If you have had the same chairs for years, we have some tips on when to replace chairs that might help you decide if it is time to buy new commercial furniture.


One of the most obvious tips on when to replace chairs depends on the function. Are chairs still sturdy enough to support your customers? Do chairs seem wobbly or uneven? For obvious reasons, you want chairs that are sturdy and strong to avoid any embarrassing, and potentially costly, accidents.


Other than chairs being strong enough to support a reasonable amount of weight, you should evaluate their appearance. Chairs that are rundown in appearance can bring down the overall visual appeal of your business. When guests see furniture that is neglected, they assume the business has low standards in all areas. If you have any chairs that are visibly damaged, including rust, water spots, stains, peeling paint, or any other unsightly flaws, you should consider replacing them.


Another one of the best tips on when to replace chairs is any time you update any aspect of your restaurant, from paint to artwork, you should evaluate your furniture. An updated décor with the same old chairs will not only make the chairs more noticeable as being outdated, it will make your updated décor seem less impressive. You should also consider whether or not or chairs are still in style. The world of commercial furniture changes with the latest trends and style influencers. It is a good idea to browse other restaurants and furniture companies to make sure you are staying with the times.


Commercial furniture can be costly, especially on a budget or when dealing with a large number of chairs. Occasionally, you can extend the life of your chairs and put off replacing them for a little while longer with proper repairs. Chairs with rust can be sanded down. Chipped paint can be repaired. As long as the flaw is purely aesthetic and not related to function, a repair can buy you some time before replacing the chair.