Tips on Choosing Table Tops

With any restaurant purchase, you want to find the perfect option for your specific needs. Every item you buy for your business requires careful consideration, from price and quality to color and design, to make sure you find the best fit. When in search of commercial furniture for your business, we have some helpful tips on choosing the right table top that can make shopping a little easier.

1. Consider the material that is best for your environment. One of the best tips on choosing the right table top is to know before you go! Before you even begin shopping around in terms of affordability or styles available, you need to do your homework on the common materials used for commercial table tops. Each material has its own unique pros and cons attached to it so you will need to carefully weigh which values matter more to you for your restaurant needs. For example, wood table tops may look great and offer versatility, but they may not be as durable against spills and stains as other options such as resin or granite. It is best to know a little about each material before shopping. This will help narrow the search little by little.

2. Once you have determined which materials you prefer, you should consider size and table top thickness preference. It is best to have an accurate understanding of the space available for tables in your dining area so you can calculate the best size table top needed. Another tip is to keep in mind table top thickness because it can affect everything from the type of base you will need to the overall style of your dining space. Tables that are too thick may make the space feel cramped. Some basic measurements when buying bases and table tops separately are provided below.

Table Size Base Size for Square Tables
24 x 24 22x22 or 17" Round
30 x 30 22x22 or 17" Round
36 x 36 30x30 or 22" Round
42 x 42 36x36 or 30" Round

Table Size Base Size for Rectangle Tables
24 x 30 22x22 or 17" Round
24 x 42 22x30 or 22" Round
24 x 48 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 42 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 48 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 60 (2) 22x22 or (2) 17" Round
30 x 72 (2) 22x22 or (2) 22" Round

Table Size Base Size for Round Tables
24" Diameter 22x22 or 17" Round
30" Diameter 22x22 or 17" Round
36" Diameter 30x30 or 22" Round
42" Diameter 36x36 or 30" Round
48" Diameter 30" Round
54" Diameter 30" Round
60" Diameter 30" Round

On the topic of size, also carefully consider how many guests you intend to seat at each table as part of your decision making for table top purchases. On average to seat a party of four, you will need a table top 36”, but it varies on table shape. If you are looking to seat more guests per table, consider rectangle tables for more seating options.

3. Another tip is to keep style in mind at all times! If you are going for a modern vibe but you get table tops with a more old-fashioned appeal or vice versa, you will end up with discord in your décor scheme that may be off-putting to customers. If you have already chosen your bases or are adding new table tops to old bases already in your inventory, consider bringing along a picture of them to help you get the look that is right for your bases.

4. Know that spending less is not always the best option. The average restaurant spends almost $40,000 on commercial furniture at the start-up of their operation. This number will vary from business to business, but it is a ballpark figure of what to expect. While there are many affordable options available for commercial table tops, depending on the traffic of your business, you may be better off investing more money in table tops rather than less. If you have a customer base of mostly teenagers or young children, you may require table tops more durable to deal with spills. Also, some tops cost more because they last longer than more affordable options.

5. No matter what table you get, knowing the proper way to care for it to extend the life. One of the best tips on choosing the right table top is actually about the next step after purchasing. Always know the right way to clean and maintain your table to make sure it will last for many years to come.