The Best Patterns for Patio Cushions

Choosing the right look for outdoor restaurant decor involves a lot more than just picking a design you love. While some businesses opt for patio seating without cushions, many customers appreciate the extra comfort cushions provide. Thinking about the color and pattern of outdoor patio cushions can be just as stressful as any other decorating as there are millions of choices and no way to test how they will look in your restaurant’s dining space. Luckily, some forethought and planning can help you choose the best patterns for patio cushions, chairs, stools, and anything else you may need to create an inviting outdoor oasis for your customers.

If you have decided to use cushioned seating in your restaurant for outdoor dining, there are a few things to bear in mind. The biggest decision to make is whether you want to use bright colors that make your furniture stand out and be the center of attention or a darker, calmer look that will highlight other features around the dining space. Consider what other attractions you have available for customers, from beautiful plants and landscaping to a scenic view or maybe a certain focal point such as artwork. Once you have decided on the focal point, it will help narrow down the best pattern for patio cushions.

When trying to create a lively experience in your restaurant’s outdoor space, choosing a colorful pattern will help make your space look more impressive and immersive. From animal prints to geometric designs, there are many options that will help you build an inviting atmosphere. Bright colors draw attention more than dark colors, so more neutral patterns will help you create a relaxing space while bright colors will be more fun and exciting. While patterns can add a fun element, they can be visually overwhelming if too many are used. These patterned or printed fabrics may cost a little more, but if it is exactly the look you are aiming for on your restaurant patio, they can be worth the cost. Some of the best selling colors for outdoor patio cushions are bright, vibrant colors like red and green. A good idea is to use mostly solid colors and add a few bold patterns to draw the eye instead of using an either/or mentality.

No matter what style you go with, the main goal of any space in a restaurant is to invite your customers to come back again and again. When you have carefully chosen the best patterns for patio cushions as part of a thoughtful design plan, they will do just that!