Table Hardware Information

Like anything else, restaurant tables wear out over time and need to undergo maintenance. Otherwise, they can develop a wobble or fall apart completely, ruining the experience for your guests and causing you a lot of stress and hassle. Not to mention, the money from having to replace tables can add up quickly. You can save yourself from all of these issues by keeping an assortment of proper table hardware on hand. While some might shy away from table maintenance as a task they are ill-equipped for, it is actually much easier than it seems. The key to success is to ensure you have the right parts available and the knowledge of basic upkeep. When it comes to table hardware information to keep furniture in great shape, there are a few basics to know about.

Brackets, screws, and more

There is a large variety of parts that go into the construction of each table. Many of them are small, but they are all essential to the durability and stability of the furniture. Keeping these parts on hand for quick repairs and replacements is one of the best pieces of table hardware information. Replacing the mounting bracket on a booth, or tightening nuts or bolts on a chair or barstool are simple tasks, and you can save yourself a lot of hassle and money without needing to hire a professional. By keeping the small parts on hand, you will be ready for any problem. Most of the hardware needed to do simple repairs or maintenance on your booths can also be purchased at a local hardware store.

Bases and tops

Naturally, the two most heavily trafficked part of the furniture, tops are bound to wear out due to scratches and spills while bases suffer damage from scuffs and contact with chairs. As these parts become worn, they detract from the overall look of your restaurant and cannot always be so easily fixed. Having a few spare table bases and table tops on hand for temporary use will enable you to replace old and worn out furniture with ease instead of being forced to buy new furniture. If you do this job yourself, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress without needing to order an entirely new table. In general, if you can keep enough small parts and hardware on hand to fix small table problems before they grow into larger ones, you'll be in good shape from a maintenance and repair standpoint.