Table Flexibility

To the average customer, a restaurant layout may appear random, but to the professionals designing the space there are numerous factors at play. When putting together the best layout for your restaurant, choosing the right furniture can make or break your business. When selecting tables, there are many factors to consider, from affordability and quality to comfort and style.

Why It Matters

Table flexibility should matter to your business because it can have a pretty big impact. According to FSR Magazine:

• 29% of restaurant patrons wait an average of 20 minutes for a table.

• 27% of patrons wait 30 minutes for a table.

• 21% wait 40 minutes on average.

What does that mean to you? It means the majority of your guests have pretty lengthy wait times just to get a table, not to mention the actual service of the meal. According to Market Watch, operators of large-scale operations can stand to lose close to one million dollars a week from guests leaving over wait times or not being able to get a table.

Making Table Flexibility Work for Your Business

While you can easily look at table flexibility from your unique perspective, you must also consider how customers will view your dining space and the ability to be seated in a timely manner. While the idea of table flexibility may mean something different to other people, in the hurried world of the restaurant owner it means tables with certain characteristics allowing for easy changes. A table that is flexible offers the ability to easily adjust the seating layout when seating needs change. From tables with extra slides for expanding the table size to accommodate larger parties to tables that are lightweight enough to be easily moved together, table flexibility allows staff to arrange the floor plan in a more fluid way for smoother service. Customers will appreciate your ability to change the seating plan when plans change unexpectedly.

Another aspect is choosing tables that offer a universal style. While tables should undoubtedly match with the overall décor of the restaurant, choosing tables that are simple and more basic in style will allow for easy decorating. If you ever decide to change up the décor or color schemes of your business, you can simply add different chairs to your basic table for a new look instead of purchasing all new tables and chairs. Unless the theme of your business hinges on the tables being bold, opting for a simpler design may benefit you more in the long run. This strategy is even better if you have invested in quality tables designed to last a long time, such as our options available. Finding the right tables can be exhausting. With a little thoughtful planning, it doesn’t have to be!