Square Padded Restaurant Table Tops

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The use of square padded restaurant table tops is very popular in many different settings and places. They’re best used where you want to minimize the noise level of dishes and glassware in a public space. Our tables come with a layer of plastic as a moisture barrier to protect against spills and other potential damages. They also have a layer of foam as a noise barrier to provide the quiet, peaceful atmosphere you’re seeking. We have many great, quality options for you to choose from in our collection.

Dimensions: 1" thick

Colors: White

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Price From: $32.00
Price From: $32.00
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Padded Table Tops

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  • Padded Table Tops


Our square padded restaurant table tops can be used in many different settings, so no matter what kind of business, you will find a use for these tables. They’re strong and dependable; we promise they won’t let you down. They’re great for casual dining, but can be used in many various ways. The quality of our tables is top of the line, provided with smooth textures that will always look fresh. We have many different sizes available, so they can fit almost any space.

Our ultimate goal is to help your restaurant look the best, so you can serve more customers. Having attractive tables to go along with the furniture and design of the space, has been proven to bring in more customers. We can’t control your food or what you produce, but we will make sure you are getting the most out of your space.

Using padded restaurant table tops effectively can result in these becoming truly an integral part of your restaurant’s design. You can put them almost anywhere, in any space, you can imagine. This flexibility gives you the convenience of using them in many different areas, as well as the durability needed. We will do everything we can to help you maximize your space so your business can be successful!

 1" Padded Vinyl with Vinyl Edge

White non-slip vinyl top with white vinyl edge



Square Padded Restaurant Table Tops O4

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