Solid Wood Versus Veneers

There is no denying the natural beauty and visual appeal of wood furniture. Wood can make any space warmer and more inviting. As a restaurant owner, you may have some questions about using solid wood versus veneers. When it comes to these options, they can seem confusing to those unaware about the general nature of wood veneers. Most people have basic knowledge about wood, but wood veneers are often given a bad reputation for being imitation wood, which they are not. They are strips treated directly from various tree species and applied to a non-wood surface. While both options offer a beautiful appearance, there are some factors to consider when choosing between the two.

Solid Wood

  • Pros
    • Undeniable beauty that can grow over the years
    • Solid wood is incredibly durable and can last for decades
    • Wood can be refinished if signs of wear and tear start to show
    • Many different species to choose from
  • Cons
    • Solid wood is much heavier than veneers making it trickier to move around
    • Solid wood tends to be a costly choice for furniture


Wood Veneers

  • Pros
    • Veneers are more affordable compared to solid wood.
    • Lightweight for easy movement from one area to another area
    • More variety of colors, species, and grain patterns
  • Cons
    • Veneers do not last as long as solid wood
    • They are usually prone to more noticeable damage
    • Harder to repair unless you have extras from the original veneer used



When it comes to solid wood versus veneers, it is really a matter of preference and which factors matter the most to you in your search for commercial furniture. Each one offers benefits and drawbacks. Appearance tends to be the top factor when choosing between solid wood versus veneers. A well-crafted wood veneer piece of furniture can easily outweigh a poorly made piece of solid wood furniture. When choosing between the two options, you will often need to look at options individually and keep in mind the factors, i.e. cost, durability, or visual appeal, that matter most to you.