Seating Large Parties

As everyone in the restaurant industry knows, seating large parties can be a struggle. While many floor plans have been designed to handle a few large parties, there will be times when it seems like large parties are overflowing your dining area. Large parties can happen on any day out of the year, but are especially common during graduation season, holiday weekends, and football season. These are the times of year when people enjoy gathering with family and friends to celebrate and reconnect. Large parties certainly help your profits, but accommodating them can be difficult at times. We have some suggestions for seating large parties that might ease some of the stress.

Proper Seating Options

  • Choose or consider adding seating that can easily accommodate larger parties. Sofas, loungers, and benches can accommodate larger parties better than chairs in most cases. Traditional booths can also save on space without sacrificing on seating capacity.
  • Make sure you have tables that can be easily pushed together to make a larger table or consider purchasing tables with center flats you can slide into place to expand the table.
  • Arrange your floorplan in a way that allows for the maximum number of tables to be placed on the floor without compromising on safety or comfort. A good rule of thumb is 30 inches between tables for comfortable movement.
  • Invest in reliable collapsible furniture, such as stackable chairs and folding tables. These extra items can help you create the needed dining space for unexpected large parties.
  • Plan your floor plan in a way that allows you to accommodate large parties when needed but still caters to the needs of the smaller parties you will receive routinely. For example, choose smaller tables you can easily combine instead of a larger table that can only be used for large parties.


Keys to Success

When it comes to seating large parties, your success rests in how well you have prepared beforehand. If you have paid attention to the seating capacities and planned your layout accordingly, then your dining area should be able to handle larger parties without a hitch.