Rectangle Versus Square Tables

When trying to create the perfect restaurant layout there are many factors to take into consideration. With a main goal of creating an inviting environment your customers will love, you want every last detail to be right. When choosing the perfect table shapes for your business, it may seem like an insignificant factor, but any detail oriented business owner knows otherwise. If you are choosing between rectangle versus square tables, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

• A standard square table usually measures 36” to 44” and seats four people.
• A standard rectangle table typically measures 36” W x 48” L to seat four people, 36” W x 60” L to seat six people, and 36” W x 78” L to seat up to eight people.

While both options serve their own purpose, there are pros and cons for each option to carefully consider.

Square Tables 


• Square tables are great for square rooms. They can make a room look evenly proportioned whereas a rectangle option may make the space look cramped.
• They are perfect for smaller spaces where less seating is needed.
• They create more intimacy due to smaller table size.


• Square tables are smaller and seat fewer guests. This may not make them the best option for your restaurant, depending on your needs.
• Square tables are often seen as more traditional and old-fashioned than rectangle options. If this is going against the theme or décor of your restaurant, they might not be the best choice.

Rectangle Tables


• Rectangle tables have more variety in size to choose from.
• They have the potential to seat more guests, making them better for high traffic locations or locations with large parties.
• Rectangle tables are often seen as the modern style of table and are a customer favorite.


• Rectangle tables will not work as well in a square room as square tables. They may take up too much space and cause the room to look smaller and cramped.
• They may limit the amount of parties served. They are great for serving larger parties, but may slow down overall service if you have several parties with smaller guest counts that would be better seated by two square tables instead of one longer table as different parties will not want to sit with strangers.

The most important part of planning any dining space is how the customers will perceive it and how it aids in the operations of your business. As long as you carefully consider which table shape works better for your specific goals and expectations, both offer great qualities. With a little thoughtful planning, you can easily create the space your customers will love.