Recommended Tables for Coffee Shops

A coffee shop is a place of community for your customers. As a business owner, you want to create an atmosphere that not only invites them in but encourages them to linger and keep coming back. When it comes to recommended tables for coffee shops, we have a few suggestions to keep in mind. The two biggest areas to consider are material and size.


When choosing recommended tables for coffee shops, materials matter. Spills will happen. Coasters will not be used with cold drinks sweating condensation. To avoid water rings and stains, you need to choose a material that is durable in nature. There are many options available on the commercial furniture market to meet your needs. Laminate, plastic, resin, and natural stone are all great options for a long-lasting table material ideal for coffee shops. While you may love the look of wood, it scratches, stains, and retains water more than the other materials mentioned. It doesn’t mean you can’t use wood tables in your business. Make sure it is thoroughly protected in a sealant, as well as cared for properly, and you can add the easy beauty of wood tables to your coffee house without worry. The sealant will also add an attractive sheen to the wood as an added bonus!


When considering recommended tables for coffee shops, size in a very important factor to figure out. While many coffee shops utilize smaller tables, there are benefits to using medium sized and even large tables in your business. Small tables allow you to easily seat several individuals and can help with table turnover rates. Medium sized tables are ideal for friends meeting up or study groups. The use of a longer table of a somewhat larger size is the sense of community it inspires which is a vital element in most coffee houses. A good tip for choosing your recommended tables for coffee shops in terms of size is to mix and match your sizes instead of going for a uniformed option. This will not only allow you to serve different sized parties with ease, it will add visual depth to the dining area as a whole.