Reception Chair Storage

Reception chairs are convenient and can help you easily adjust your seating arrangement on a whim. While they can make life easier and allow you to accommodate your guests quickly, storing them can create new hassles. When it comes to reception chair storage, we have a few tips to help make this process a breeze.

Know Your Materials

When figuring out the best option for reception chair storage, you should first consider the materials of the chairs. Reception chairs come in a variety of material types and each one requires certain storage elements. If chairs are made of metal, such as aluminum and steel, they need storage keeping them in a dry location away from moisture. If chairs are made from upholstery or other fabrics, you want to make sure chairs are stored somewhere dry and away from odor-causing elements. Fabrics easily retain the scents of surrounding areas and items so keep them in a place free from mildew or other musky odors.


Another factor to consider when managing reception chair storage is the number of chairs you need to store. If you are storing only a few extra chairs, you can easily store them in a spare room. There are many stackable options available that allow you keep chairs stacked to take up less floor space. If you are looking for storage that is enclosed as opposed to out in the open, there are storage cases available that allow you to store chairs. Chairs must be stackable with this storage option.

Ease of Access

When it comes to reception chair storage, you want a storage system that allows you easy to access to the chairs when needed. What is the point of having extra reception chairs if you can’t utilize them on short notice? Chairs should be stored in a place that is easy to access and preferably on site. In addition to where and how you store them, you should consider investing in a chair dolly to help with transporting them from one location to another, and the chairs can also be stored on the dolly which takes up less space.