Outdoor Table Décor

When it comes to restaurants with outdoor dining areas, most customers may not notice all the smaller details that went into creating it, but they definitely notice the overall atmosphere. When seeking to add ambiance to your outdoor seating area, there are a few considerations to bear in mind.

• A dining experience is a culmination of many components working together to create a memorable meal. It is about more than just creating a customer experience for the sake of enjoyment. Everything in the business is driven by the bottom line and rightfully so.
• While studies have found that the two most important elements are food and service, the third is décor in restaurants with the highest average checks. Customers who are more satisfied with the décor spend more money when they visit.
• According to VSAG, restaurants with an outdoor dining area increased their gross profits by a whopping 65 percent compared to restaurants without an outdoor dining area.

In order for your outdoor dining area to truly add to the life of your business and help drive profits, it needs to draw customers in with an appealing appearance. The use of outdoor table décor can make or break the success of the dining space. The most important part of cultivating this opportunity is to make sure it goes with the overall theme of your establishment. For example, if the overall theme of the restaurant centers around dark natural wood, adding centerpieces of brightly colored flowers may look less flattering than something with a country feel such as a mason jar with a white candle inside for a rustic atmosphere. Always make sure whatever outdoor table décor you decide on blends in nicely with the surrounding elements. Another consideration when choosing the right outdoor table décor for your dining oasis is to keep your customers in mind. If you serve families with young children, any décor that may pose a threat should be removed.

Candles certainly add an element of class to a dining space, but they may cause accidents, especially if small children are frequent guests. While candles may not be a wise solution for your restaurant, you can still use lighting as centerpiece in the form of string lights inside a glass container. When an obstacle presents itself, simply think outside the box for a different way to get the same effect.

Aside from safety and overall theme, another consideration when choosing décor is whether it will add or detract from the dining experience. While the use of oversized plants or floral arrangements may look stylish and beautiful, it may take up too much table space leaving customers with less usable space to enjoy their meal. It may also be a distraction from the conversations shared at the table.

No matter what you decide to use as centerpieces for your outdoor tables, always remember it should add to the ambiance without taking away any of the comfort or enjoyment of your customers. Give them a relaxing dining experience with your carefully planned dining space and reap the rewards of your hard work!