Outdoor Sofa Storage

For many businesses, an outdoor dining area can really help drive up profits. During the spring and summer, many guests prefer to dine al fresco. As fall and winter approach, you will find fewer guests asking to be seated outdoors unless you live a state with very mild change of season. For those restaurants or hospitality venues with outdoor sofas, there may be many questions about how to best store these larger items. When it comes to outdoor sofa storage, we have a few tips to keep in mind.

Store or Cover?

For many businesses with outdoor furniture, the change of seasons can be a hassle. Many business owners choose to use a water-proof tarp instead of moving the furniture to a secondary location. The tarp method works better for some sofas than others. Reasons to consider covering instead of moving include:

  • The size of the sofa. If it is very bulky and moving it would cause more harm than good, consider a tarp.
  • If your patio area has sufficient shade or overhang to offer some protection from the elements, a tarp may be easiest.
  • If you live in area with mild seasons and do not anticipate heavy rainfall, snow, or drastic temperatures, a tarp should offer enough protection for your outdoor sofas.


When it comes to outdoor sofa storage, you should keep in mind that the frame and the seats have different requirements. For example, if the frame is metal or plastic, but the seats are made of fabrics and foams, you would store these items differently. While most sofas for commercial outdoor use feature a frame with removable cushions, you may have a piece that is one complete unit. For this type of sofa, consider a cover or moving it indoors until the weather is less volatile.

Remember to Clean!

Before you store any type of outdoor furniture, you should give it a proper cleaning to remove any buildup of dirt, dust, oil, or other unpleasant residues. Make sure you allow it to dry thoroughly before storing to avoid any mold, mildew, or rust.


Consider your particular storage options before buying sofa style seating or any outdoor restaurant furniture. Some popular storage options are placing in indoor restaurant space (if available), purchasing covers, or investing in an off-site storage unit.