Outdoor Sofa Dining

For most restaurants, ambiance is a matter of importance. From the lighting to the table surface, every little detail has to come together perfectly to create the big picture experience of an above par dining establishment. One way many restaurants are choosing to liven up their seating arrangement and keep guests excited is with outdoor sofa dining. Before you jump on board with this new trend, there are a few things to consider.

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Sofa Dining?

  • It creates a cozy environment and encourages intimate conversations
  • Sofas are perfect for large party seating without needing to split up tables, provided the table itself is adequately sized.
  • Sofas can be placed in a way that invites a feeling of privacy for your customers.
  • Sofa dining offers superior comfort when compared to most chairs or stools.
  • For the most part, they are a durable and long-lasting seating option for your outdoor area when cared for properly.


Is Outdoor Sofa Dining for You?

  • Sofa dining for outdoor purposes requires the right amount of physical space to make this an option without cutting down on your seating capacity. Obviously, not all outdoor dining spaces are large enough to place a dozen sofas in without crowding up the available space.
  • If you are used to serving smaller parties, sofa seating may not be beneficial for in terms of seating guests and may actually increase the amount of times guest have to wait to be seated.
  • Is your outdoor area mostly covered? Is it exposed to harsh elements and rough winters? Before deciding if implementing outdoor sofa dining is a good choice, consider the long haul and how it will affect storage and added maintenance.


While sofa dining works best in large patios at restaurants used to serving large parties, it doesn’t mean your restaurant can’t be a part of the fun. You can easily add a few sofas carefully placed as opposed to overhauling your entire seating area. You can also consider attempting to create the same vibe of sofa seating without the bulky sofa itself, such as adding fluffy pillows to chairs or looking into chairs that offer cushioned upholstery as part of their design.