Outdoor Chair Storage

An outdoor dining area offers customers a relaxing environment to enjoy a meal with friends and family. In fact, outdoor dining is a big draw for most restaurants. According to VSAG, restaurants with outdoor seating gross 65% more than restaurants without an outdoor dining option. While it can be an outdoor oasis for your customers, it can be another thing to worry about as a restaurant owner or manager. For the warmer states, outdoor seating is a year-round experience. For those with more seasonal fluctuation, outdoor chair storage can be tricky to figure out. As such as big draw for your customer base and bottom line profits, keeping outdoor furniture in great shape is a wise investment. With just a few helpful tips, you can solve this dilemma easily!

When to Store

The most important part of outdoor chair storage is knowing when to start putting furniture away for seasonal storage. This will depend on your customers and the variables of weather in our area. You know your customers better than anyone. If you notice fewer guests are requesting to dine outdoors, it may be time to start storing. Typically, October is the ideal time in most states when outdoor seating becomes less necessary. In warmer states, such as Florida, outdoor seating stays open year round.

Clean Before You Store

Once you have determined the right time to begin seasonal storage, the next logical step is to properly clean any chairs you intend to store. Chairs should never be stored dirty because it will only make things more unpleasant when you remove them from storage. In fact, you can even damage your furniture by not cleaning properly before storing. There are various damages furniture can incur, such as rust on metal, mold on plastic, rot on wood, and other unfortunate damages. If you are storing cushions as part of your outdoor chair storage plan, it is best to wash them and allow them to thoroughly dry to avoid mildew accumulating.

Where to Store

Aside from cleaning chairs, the next step is the actual space you intend to use for outdoor chair storage. While some chairs fold up easily for simple storage, others are not so easy to store. Whether storing outdoor chairs in the stockroom, warehouse, or a storage unit off site, it is best to make sure you have properly inspected the space. You want to avoid dampness or drafty spaces to keep chairs safe from the elements and possible damage. Figuring out the best plan of action for chair storage doesn’t have to be a headache. With simple planning, it can be an easy way to prolong the life of your commercial furniture.