Matching Outdoor Tables and Sofas

While part of the fun of designing an outdoor space is the freedom to mix and match, it can also be a headache to try to figure out the best solution. When trying to create an outdoor area customers will enjoy, there are many things to keep in mind. When you add in the complication of using the increasingly popular sofa dining style, there are even more factors to consider. We have a few tips and suggestions to remember when matching outdoor tables and sofas.


We can’t stress enough the importance of matching outdoor tables and sofas based on their relative size. Nothing is worse than sitting at a table that is incorrectly matched in height to the seat. If the sofa is too low and the table is too high, guests will feel like they are reaching up the entire meal. While it is rare to have the problem on the opposite spectrum of the table being too low and the sofa too high, it is still something to be aware. You also want to make sure the table is proportionate in addition to being the right height. For example, if a sofa is large and roomy, the table should be large enough to accommodate the meal without overpowering the sofa. The key is to look for balance.


When it comes to style, it is important to make sure tables and sofas will accentuate each other. It is not necessary for them to be an exact match in style. However, keep in mind the way each piece will look when combined. For example, if you are planning on using a black metal frame sofa with colorful cushions, it will clash with a white resin table. Make sure you match not only color schemes but materials as well. If you do choose to mix materials, such as a wood table with dark wicker sofas or a plastic table with white metal framed sofas, ensure that the mix flows together nicely and matches the overall theme. You also want to ensure the appearance is pleasing to your customers.