Marmoleum Restaurant Table Tops

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Using Marmoleum, which is a vinyl type product used on restaurant table tops can be used in many different settings. Whether you’re in a sports bar or a casual dining restaurant, you will see them used almost anywhere. They will last you many years and will also make it easier for you because it is so simple to maintain and take care of Marmoleum. We have many choices of colors and styles to choose from as well.

Dimensions: 1 1/4" thick with a 1" wood edge

Colors: Blue, Barbados, Hyacinth, Spa, Black, Concrete, Sahara, Scarlet, Serene Grey

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Price From: $126.00
Price From: $126.00
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Marmoleum Table Tops

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No matter what setting or design you have to work with, we will find the best Marmoleum restaurant table tops to work in your space. With our variety of colors, we can match any interior design or concept you’re trying to develop. Our color options are similar to granite and marble just to give you a clear picture to brainstorm. They're made with strong, durable materials that will last many years. Our tables will fight through scratches, bacteria, and anything it has to face in your restaurant. They’re also eco-friendly, so you will also be supporting a cleaner environment. Not only will it look great in the space that you have picked out for it, but these tables will also perform and exceed your expectations.

It’s extremely important to make a great decision on the color of your Marmoleum restaurant table tops. The goal of any restaurant is to develop a fun, lively atmosphere that will bring in customers during any time of the day. Once you figure out what type of customers and target market you’re going for, we can help you accomplish it. With our customizable options and array of colors, you can find exactly the right design. We will help turn your restaurant into a concept that everyone will enjoy. With the numerous products that we have to offer, we can help your business become more profitable.

These tables have the versatility to look spectacular in many different restaurants and public settings. They will help freshen your space and maximize every square foot you have to offer. If you have any questions we can help answer, give us a call!

Tables are 1 1/4" thick with a 1" wood edge.

Prices are for standard color options only.  Please call for prices on premium color options.


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