Maintaining Outdoor Furniture

As any restaurant owner knows, any purchase is an investment. Whether cooking equipment or booths, you seek quality built to last to save from having to needlessly replace cheaper options. When it comes to maintaining outdoor furniture, the best way to ensure long-lasting use is proper cleaning. Cleaning your chairs, tables, and other decor pieces is just as important as cleaning the parts of the restaurant guests don’t see. It may even be more important since it is what sets their first impression of your business.

The steps to properly maintaining outdoor furniture will depend on the material type purchased. From plastic to metal to wood, different materials have different requirements when it comes to cleaning, especially since some materials react differently to chemicals. However, with some basic knowledge of how to properly clean each of the common materials, cleaning doesn’t require extensive research. Wood and wicker are highly popular choices for outdoor commercial furniture. Teak, wicker, and other popular materials provide great durability and look more natural, making them beautiful and long lasting outdoors. These items can be cleaned with soap and water, with added scrubbing from a sponge if especially dirty. While you can use water on wood-based furniture, use care with how much water is used as it may soak past the surface and cause unintentional water damage. Always allow wood furniture to dry thoroughly before adding any cushioned seats to avoid both rot and mildew.

Metal furniture is another choice that is used in many restaurants primarily for its incredible durability. Aside from the impressive durability, many restaurants choose metal furniture for their outdoor dining area for the ease of care this option provides. With simple cleaning supplies and hot water, you can spray down metal outdoor furniture without worrying about water damage. However, always dry it thoroughly to avoid any rust which will lead to a shortened life for your metal furniture.

Maintaining outdoor furniture helps you get a return on your investment for years to come. Customers expect a clean and inviting outdoor oasis. Keeping furniture clean invites them to come back again and again.