Maintaining Granite Table Tops

When making the decision to purchase a particular material for restaurant tables, you may be considering the beauty and quality offered by granite tables. These table tops are a popular choice for many restaurants because they provide a touch of modern appeal, on top of being highly durable. In addition to these desirable qualities, granite table tops offer easy maintenance and cleaning for an effortless addition to your restaurant. With a few helpful tips, maintaining granite table tops is one of the simpler tasks in running a restaurant.

When you make a purchase such as commercial furniture, you want to see your investment last for years. While granite can be a more expensive option, if cared for properly, it will last for years. While you have little control over customers spilling their drinks or any other accidents, you do have control over the cleaning aspect needed to keep your tables beautiful. Granite is stain resistant unlike other materials, but it is best to train staff to quickly wipe up any spills that may occur. While commercial tables, especially granite, tend to be capable of handling spills, repeated spills or placing hot objects on granite can damage the seal over time which will eventually damage the stone underneath.

When it comes to proper cleaning instructions for maintaining granite table tops, it is recommended to avoid the use of bleach or harsh cleaning solutions that can degrade the sealant. Strong chemicals such as ammonia and vinegar can also cause unnecessary wear and damage. Most people want to use soap to ensure their table top is clean, but this can cause a build up over time which can reduce the shine of your granite. A rinse with hot water is typically enough to get the job done. If you are looking for something more thorough, specially made granite cleaner is available to help you get clean without damaging the sealer, although this is rarely needed if daily cleanliness standards are followed.

One of the easiest commercial table options, granite, requires little care to keep it beautiful. To get your money’s worth on this investment in your restaurant, simply follow these basic care guidelines for maintaining granite table tops to see many years of reliable use.