Choosing the Best Table Colors for Your Restaurant

Designing a restaurant is a fun process, despite the stress. For creative business types who thrive on challenges, every obstacle tackled is exciting. For others, the simpler the decision, the better. While choosing colors seems like a simple enough task, there are some suggestions on how to choose the best table colors for your restaurant. When choosing colors, there are more factors to consider than simply which color is your favorite.

The first thing to know about how to choose the best table colors for your restaurant is that colors are subliminal. A color is more than a color. Certain colors send certain messages to the human brain. The same way that individual colors can trigger positive reactions, certain color combinations can trigger negative ones. A safe bet is to consult a color wheel to figure out which colors work best with the primary colors you chose for your tables.

When figuring out how to choose the best table colors for your restaurant, the two most basic options are red and yellow, for good reason. The color red helps excite the appetite by color association. This is the same reason that red is a primary color for virtually every fast food establishment. However, when used indoors as part of a decor theme, it can create a vibrant and exciting experience. Perfect for sports bars, clubs, and more, it is the perfect way to start a party.

Yellow is similar to red and is the other half of the appetite boosting spectrum. It is also fun and exciting and is great as a background color. Yellow goes well with a lot of other colors without clashing but be careful to limit the amount of yellow as it can sometimes be overpowering to a décor scheme.

Aside from the invigorating colors of red and yellow, another popular choice is the blue and green spectrum. These colors blend well with natural features, such as hanging plants and trees, and help create a more intimate and soothing atmosphere for your restaurant. If you are trying to create a sophisticated establishment, these will likely be the first colors you should consider. They can help you create a tranquil space inviting customers to a relaxing atmosphere.

White and black are the classic accents that are used to highlight pretty much any other color. They are the standard colors of tuxedos, wedding dresses, and more because they are seen as formal and clean. White is a great way to accent your decor to create a sleek and crisp look, while black will help amplify the other colors in the room and focus attention on the details of your decor. Both of these colors can be used liberally to complete the look of any space.

While these colors are the most popular options, they are not the only ones available. Some restaurants choose to utilize more obscure colors, such as oranges, purples, and pinks. These should be used sparingly in combination with a more basic color, such as white or black.