Facts About Restaurant Booths

When designing the ideal floor plan for your restaurant, there are many types of seating available. From bar stools and benches to chairs and booths, it can be hard to figure out which type of seating is best for your business. Aside from looking at costs or styles, there are a few considerations to make for each type of seating. We have some handy facts about restaurant booths to help you make an informed decision about this particular option.

1. Booths offer more intimate seating for guests. One of the most important facts about restaurant booths is that they are cozy! This type of seating offers a more secluded dining experience for customers. In fact, many customers prefer booth style seating over other options.

2. Booths tend to last for a while with proper care. Most booths are upholstered with either fabric or leather. There will be minimal cleaning needed compared to other seating options such as wood chairs or metal bar stools. While chairs made of wood or metal last longer, it is possible to extend the life of your booth by re-upholstering or making repairs instead of buying new booths.

3. Customers prefer booths because of the added comfort. Most booths offer padded seating that is more comfortable than non-padded chairs. They offer the right amount of back support while supplying comfort.

4. Booths often come in vinyl for easy cleaning. This is one of the obvious facts about restaurant booths that makes many owners choose this seating. Vinyl is easy to clean and lasts longer than cloth.

5. Booths can limit your seating plan versatility. If there is one downside to booths, it is the way it can potentially limit your ability to adjust your floor plan. When working with traditional chairs or stools, it allows for tables to be pushed together to accommodate larger parties. While booths do not allow this same flexibility, many restaurants use booths as part of their seating plan, but not as the only option.