Facts About Outdoor Tables

Outdoor dining has long been a favorite among customers. Dining outside offers the best of nature and food combined for an enjoyable experience. As a restaurant owner, choosing the right furniture can make or break your outdoor dining area. We have some helpful facts about outdoor tables to assist you in making the right choice for your business!

1. Outdoor tables need to be durable. Indoor tables used for commercial purposes need more sturdiness than residential tables due to the frequency of use. When it comes to outdoor tables, this factor of strength is even more important. Outdoor tables need to be strong to keep up with the harshness of nature while still meeting the needs of a high-traffic commercial piece of furniture. One of the most important facts about outdoor tables is that you should never use an indoor table for repeated outdoor use. Only use outdoor tables designed specifically for outdoor use.

2. Certain materials are better than others for outdoor use. When looking for outdoor tables, plastic and metal are more ideal than wood. This doesn’t mean you can’t use wood tables for your outdoor dining space, it just means you must pick a wood type suitable for outdoor use, such as teak.

3. Storage is a necessity during storms. One of the most crucial facts about outdoor tables is that during storms, whether rain or snow, tables need to be brought inside to a safe location or at the very least covered with a water-proof tarp.

4. Outdoor tables do not need to match the interior perfectly! Another one of the often overlooked facts about outdoor tables is that they do not have to be identical to the interior tables. As long as each area seems balanced on their own, they do not need to match in style or theme.

5. Caring for tables is important to extend their life. Regardless of what material you choose for outdoor tables, expecting them to last based on the material alone will not keep them around for years to come. Many commercial outdoor table products have incomparable longevity, but that longevity hinges on how well you perform routine care and cleaning.