Facts About Outdoor Sofas

Choosing the right seating option for your business requires thoughtful planning. Aside from affordability and function, you want to ensure the comfort of your guests while meeting the stylistic needs of your décor. For all of these factors to be met, you may want to consider sofa seating. Many restaurants are utilizing sofas in their outdoor dining areas, and customers love it! When deciding if this type of seating might be ideal for your business, here are some facts about outdoor sofas to help you make an informed decision.

  • Outdoor sofas usually consist of a frame and separate cushions for seating. While indoor sofas are typically a one-piece unit, outdoor sofas are two separate entities, three depending on the cushion style. This allows for easy re-arranging of your floor plan.
  • Sofas come in many different frames. You can choose from metal, wicker, wood, and plastic. All of the frames are made to be sturdy and still lightweight for easy movement. The cushions are usually made from strong materials, such as woven synthetic mesh. Aside from choosing different frames and cushions, there are many different styles to choose from for each category, from sleek modern options to old-fashioned classics.
  • Outdoor sofas offer comfort and coziness other seating options simply don’t offer. With this type of seating, guests will feel relaxed and comfortable enough to create an intimate environment.
  • Sofas made for outdoor use are more durable than indoor sofas. The material used is meant to withstand the pressures of constant use and the harshness of the elements. The cushions are much firmer than the ones used for indoors. While the cushions are much thicker for extra support and sturdiness, they still offer superior comfort for guests.
  • Outdoor sofas can be loveseats or sectionals. The diversity in sizes allows for greater ease when adding this type of seating to your dining area. If you are looking to add seating in smaller areas, a loveseat might be better. For larger seating, sectionals allow for you to arrange your seating in a variety of ways.


Whatever your reason for choosing this type of seating, the most important element is to make sure guests enjoy it. Sofas can make for a nice change in atmosphere and can liven up your outdoor space!