Facts About Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating has long been a staple in the American dining landscape. With restaurants ranging from the fast-causal hamburger spot to the Brazilian steakhouse featuring some sort of outdoor dining options, it is no wonder outdoor seating is a hot topic in the restaurant industry. While you may have heard a lot about the popularity of outdoor dining, we have some fun facts you may not have heard of!

  • It is profitable! It has been reported that restaurants who introduce an outdoor dining area see their profits go up by a minimum of 25-30% in the first year alone. While part of this is the fact that there are now more seats available to serve customers, the rest of that success rests in how much customers enjoy dining al fresco.
  • Outdoor dining allows your customers to see a different view of their surroundings. While most customers know where your building is and what surrounds it, eating outdoors allows for a new perspective. They can enjoy the neighboring businesses, take in beautiful plants and landscaping, enjoy watching the people passing by, and more by dining outdoors. For most customers, eating in an outdoor setting allows them to reconnect with their surroundings and nature in a way indoor dining could never provide.
  • Outdoor seating can be an accidental advertisement for your menu. Many customers report stopping in at restaurants for the first time because of seeing the plates of the customers dining on the patio or smelling the aromas coming from the general outdoor area. While this only works if your business is located somewhere where foot traffic passes by your patio, it could be an added benefit.
  • Setting up your initial outdoor seating doesn’t need to break the bank! In fact, most outdoor commercial furniture is not only relatively affordable; it is incredibly durable. The added durability means you can have reliable outdoor seating without having to spend a hefty budget every year or so for new furniture.
  • Another fact about outdoor seating that is often overlooked is that it can happen anywhere. While many restaurants think they can’t have an outdoor dining area because of limited space, a growing trend is to utilize rooftops as part of the outdoor dining experience. Customers enjoy dining under the stars while looking down on the neighborhood.