Facts About Outdoor Chairs

Creating an outdoor dining space certainly presents some unique challenges. When attempting to design or remodel your outdoor oasis, there are a few things to keep in mind for a successful outcome. Buying outdoor furniture requires different considerations because there are different factors at play than when choosing indoor furniture. With these helpful facts about outdoor chairs, you can be in the know about these important parts of any patio dining experience.

1. Outdoor chairs are made with more durability than indoor chairs. When setting up an outdoor dining space, it is best to buy chairs specifically designed to withstand the outdoors. While you can use an indoor chair on your patio, chances are it will suffer damage sooner than an outdoor chair.

2. The type of chair you have dictates the type of maintenance needed. It is important to know what type of upkeep is required on the options available, such as wood chairs need to be cleaned with wood cleaner and avoid using water whereas metal chairs can be sprayed down as long as they are allowed to dry properly.

3. Outdoor chairs need to be brought in during storms. They are weather resistant, not weather proof. One of the most important facts about outdoor chairs is that while they have been designed for outdoor purposes, they still need to be protected as much as possible to extend their life. For states with harsh winters or prolonged rainy seasons, outdoor chairs need to be brought in from the harshness of the elements, cleaned properly, and dried thoroughly prior to storing.

4. Another one of the essential facts about outdoor chairs is that they are easy to upgrade in most cases. Instead of buying new outdoor chairs, some simple upgrades can extend the life of old chairs. If you have metal frame chairs that have accumulated rust, simply sand the rust off and repaint them. Another touch for any type of outdoor chairs is to consider adding or replacing the cushioning only instead of the entire frame.

5. Commercial outdoor chairs do not need to match the interior chairs! Feel free to mix it up. There are no rules saying if the interior is mostly a wood theme that you can’t use metal for the exterior dining space.