Facts About Laminate Tables

When trying to decide what the best option is for your restaurant, there are many factors to consider in regards to choosing tables. With so many types of materials available, it can be difficult to narrow the decision down to one type over the rest. Many people choose laminate tables for a variety of sound reasons. When trying to find the right fit for your specific restaurant, these helpful facts about laminate tables can offer the insight you need about this option.

1. Laminate tables are one of the most affordable options. When setting up your restaurant, cost effective options are going to be your first choice. The less you spend on tables, the more you can spend on other relevant aspects, such as advertising or more expensive kitchen equipment. This factor alone is one of the facts about laminate tables that makes them such a popular option.

2. They offer easy care and cleaning. Unlike wood or metal materials, laminate tables are one of the easiest to clean. With wood or metal, you need to be concerned about how much water comes in contact with the table whereas laminate typically comes with a strong seal, in addition to the already durable material itself, so water or spills of any kind should be easy to clean.

3. Laminate is long lasting. Due to the aforementioned seal and material used, one of the best facts about laminate tables is the incredible durability. This durability makes these tables long lasting despite being used in the most high-traffic of restaurants and businesses. If cared for properly, these tables can last for years while still looking great.

4. There are many options for customizations compared with other options. There are a huge variety of edge styles and the colors available are almost limitless. With laminate tables, you can create a truly unified look with a vast array of colors to choose from.

5. Laminate is one of the most lightweight table materials. While most options that offer sturdiness tend to weigh a little more, laminate is one of the lighter materials. It allows for easy movement for your staff when adjusting seating or cleaning at the end of the night.