Facts About Bar Seating

While most customers love the lively atmosphere of bar-style seating, few really know how much time and effort goes into creating the ultimate laid-back environment. Some restaurants employ only this type of seating while others have their regular dining area with traditional tables and the option of bar seating. Whether looking to make this your primary seating or looking to implement it as part of a bigger picture, we have a few facts about bar seating to keep in mind.

  • There are profits to be gained from implementing bar seating. One of the most known facts about bar seating is that customers love it! The Wall Street Journal reports that restaurants with bar seating see 30% of their profits from that area of the restaurant alone and the numbers continue to increase yearly. While some patrons use it before being seated for a quick drink and appetizer, other customers actually prefer bar seating and the banter that comes along with it as their main dining experience.
  • Another fact about bar seating is the affordability of this type of seating. Compared to pricier options such as restaurant booths, bar stools are less expensive while still offering ample seating opportunities.
  • Effective bar seating doesn’t just magically happen. It takes a lot of planning to achieve the perfect results. From figuring out the right height of the bar stools to the right amount of elbow space each guest will need, there are many factors to consider to make bar seating successful for your restaurant.
  • Bar seating doesn’t have to be restricted to indoor spaces. While many think of bars as an indoor option, there are many outdoor friendly bar stools and tables that have been manufactured to withstand the elements of nature without buckling.
  • Bar seating allows you to make changes when needed if you are using bar stools and tables. If you decide this type of seating doesn’t work for your business or you need extra floor space, there are many bar stools that are stackable and lightweight so you can easily store them out of the way when needed.