Facts About Backless Bar Stools

There is no denying the overwhelming popularity of bar stools. Nearly every restaurant has them as part of their seating arrangement. While they come in many different designs and types, backless bar stools are one of the more commonly seen options. When considering the types of seating available to fit your commercial furniture needs, there are a few facts about backless bar stools to keep in mind.

  • They come in a variety of designs to fit nearly any decor scheme. While most often thought of as the traditional wood bar stool, backless bar stools come in different materials, such as plastic, resin, wood, and metals, as well as upholstered options, that have been shaped into designs ranging from art deco and funky chic to classy metropolitan elegance.
  • Backless bar stools offer more maneuverability than stools with backs. This allows customers an easier time sitting down and exiting the seating area. They also leave more space between the customers, so everyone has their personal space respected. Backless can also be a great option for smaller spaces and can help make a room look less cluttered.
  • Some bar stools without backs are lighter and easier to move than other options. This comes in handy for customers who may want to adjust how far away they are from the bar or table, as well as making the nightly cleaning easier for your staff.
  • They can also come in adjustable heights. While the most commonly sold height is 30 inches to accommodate for most tables and bars being an average of 42 inches, there are some models that come in a variety of heights to accommodate other table or bar heights.
  • Backless bar stools tend to offer less support than options with backs, but they can still be a comfortable seating option. Many backless bar stools come with foot rests to provide some extra comfort. Another way to add comfort to a backless bar stool is to consider upholstered seats with foam cushioning.