Differences in Designer Bases

When you own a business, you want every aspect to be perfect. From the menu to the decor, operating a restaurant requires attention to every detail. When it comes to your commercial furniture, there are some differences in designer bases compared with standard bases you should know. Designer bases are not a new concept in the world of commercial furniture. They have long been used by a variety of businesses to denote a certain type of atmosphere.

One of the major differences in designer bases is obviously appearance. Designer bases feature a more intricate design pattern than standard table bases. They are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, metals, and even plastic, and can feature multiple materials, depending on the designs. A popular style of recent years is designer bases incorporating more than one material for an interesting visual contrast, such as using transparent plastics with a visible metal insert for added style and stability or the method of combining a wood base with metal claw feet for a look that blend modernity and classic style.

Another one of the main differences in designer bases versus standard bases is the price. While standard bases tend to be an economical choice for many businesses, designer bases are slightly higher in the price range. However, the return on the investment could be worth it if you are operating a higher scale restaurant where customers expect more visual appeal.

When it comes to differences in designer bases when compared alongside each other, the decision process is pretty much the same as any other purchase. You want to look for quality construction, materials built to last for many years, and a style that fits your decor needs. They are also available in a variety of heights, widths, table legs, and colors to help you find the right choice. Always make sure you have performed proper measurements to get the base that will best support your table tops without any incidents or concerns.

Designer bases can be a sound investment and an easy way to up the style and elegance in your restaurant!