Differences Between Round and X Table Bases

While it might seem like a simple aesthetic choice to begin with, there are many differences between round and X table bases. Choosing the right one for your dining area involves a bit more than simply deciding which one looks better, but this does not mean it has to be a difficult or stressful task. Read about the differences here and get help making the best decision for your restaurant from professionals so that you can get the high-quality seating you desire with as little hassle as possible.

Certainly, one of the big differences is in design. Round table bases are great for round table tops, as can be expected, as they provide excellent symmetry and a completely whole look. However, X and square designs can still look great, and often fit the flow of a square or rectangular room more. If you are looking for an extra bit of style, X bases have more opportunity for intricate details and impressive designs, and can help you find the fancy look you desire.

A large consideration when making your decision is the amount of leg space these different bases provide. One of the primary differences between round and X table bases is that X designs are more open and provide more space for the seat. If you have heavier or larger table tops that require larger bases, round designs can feel cramped and uncomfortable. Take time to consider how much leg room your guests will have.

The last major aspect of bases to consider is the amount of support they give. Round bases often provide more contact with the floor and can give more support, being a good choice for heavier tops made of denser materials like rock or wood. However, X style bases can still be an adequate choice. Check with the manufacturer to make sure you know how much weight your base can support. Make sure you leave room for extra weight for the plates, food, and people who will be adding a few pounds on top!

Making the choice does not need to be a difficult task. After you make sure you have enough support for your tables, the differences between round and X table bases becomes largely personal preference. Consider the layout of your dining area and the atmosphere you want to create and choose a design and style that matches your vision for the best results.