Designing Your Outdoor Space

Dining outdoors has always been a popular way to dine. With a renewed appreciation in recent years, dining al fresco continues to be a big draw for many customers. When it comes to designing your outdoor space to bring customers to your restaurant, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams.

The first element in designing your outdoor space is figuring out the essential measurements of the space itself. You will need to know the measurements of the patio or space to help determine the number of tables and seating options you can comfortably fit into the space while still allowing for enough room to move around. This stage would also be the time to check with local code enforcement agencies to determine the allowed capacity. Once you have the measurements and regulations figured out, you can start the creative side of designing your outdoor space.

Choosing the right outdoor furniture is a creative process that should help implement the overall style or theme you are trying to achieve. If you are seeking to create a rustic vibe, natural wood tables can help accentuate the mood, for example. For a modern theme, maybe you would choose resin table tops with backless bar stools for a chic appeal. No matter what furniture style you choose to help bring your vision to life, always make sure the furniture you use for the patio of your restaurant is intended for outdoor use.

Another part of planning your outdoor space for your restaurant aside from the furniture is to decide what focal point, if any, you want to use. A focal point helps direct customers gaze to a specific area as part of the design plan. Creating an outdoor customer space is about more than furniture. From carefully placed landscaping or scenic views, most customers dine outside to take in nature. If your options for a scenic view are limited, it doesn’t mean your restaurant patio is a complete loss. A focal point can be directed towards artwork hanging on a beautifully painted wall.

When designing your outdoor space to meet the needs of your guests, following these simple guidelines can get you started on your outdoor oasis. A well-planned restaurant patio can easily become a customer favorite in no time.