Completing Your Restaurant's Design With Art

While the mismatched look is a style used in many restaurants, having a well-designed theme can make a space feel more organized. From the decor features to the tables and chairs to the layout, the amount of options available when designing a space as large as a restaurant is endless. A great way to narrow down a uniformed appearance is by completing your restaurant’s design with artwork. Wall space is often overlooked as an opportunity for style, but it is a very effective way to add elements of décor to your dining area for your desired effect.

What often scares many restaurant owners away from using artwork as part of their vision is the worry about price. However, completing your restaurant’s design with artwork does not have to be expensive. While having a selection of pieces from recognizable artists can add to the wow factor of your business, you can use much simpler and more affordable options as well. Even simple designs can have a huge impact on the atmosphere. If you are going for a western theme, animal horns or wood carvings can be an economical way to provide a very traditional feel. For a more modern setting, simple geometric designs in whatever material matches your furniture will be a great touch. When completing your restaurant’s design with artwork, the most important part is to remember your overall theme.

Finding the right pieces to relate to your theme is only part of the decision process. The next step is to keep in mind not just the way the piece relates to your theme but also the overall shape. Different shapes can direct attention to and from certain areas of your building, and if you want to attract attention to a show area like your kitchen or a stage, using artwork with straight lines that subtly point in that direction can be a great help. If you want a more neutral and even flow, using traditional portraits or round designs will help make sure your artwork stays in the background as a complement to your decor.

Whatever option you choose in terms of artwork, always remember the main goal is to create an inviting atmosphere for your customers. Artwork is only a small part of a much bigger picture when setting up your restaurant or business.