Choosing the Right Size Table Base

Choosing the right size table base is not the most painful task when shopping for new restaurant furniture, but there are still several things to consider. From the material to the size of the table top to the weight to the height, you want to make sure you get the right match for several factors that can affect the longevity of your furniture. With a few simple considerations in mind, choosing the right size table base doesn’t have to a stressful endeavor.

The first decision to be made is typically which material is best for the material to accommodate the table top. Many people simply opt to match the base to the material of the top, but this is not always necessary. More expensive tops can use more affordable bases as long as they are properly supported. The heavier and thicker the material for the top, the stronger the base will have to be. At the same time, stronger materials for the base can provide more support, so take some time to consider the most efficient option for your setup.

Weight is usually the next factor to consider when choosing the right size table base. The primary purpose of the base is to provide support, and the heavier the top, the bigger the base will need to be. If you are using heavier materials for your tops, such as stone or solid wood, you will want to use a larger base. Make sure to check with the manufacturer to ascertain how much weight the base supports. Remember to provide extra support to your base, as it will have to endure additional weight from food, dishes, and leaning guests.

The last major consideration is the height and size of the table top. If you attempt to use a base that is too thin, it will result in tipping and an uncomfortable dining experience. In general, this means that the width of the base should not be less than one-third the height. Most base designs take this into account already, but if you are using a custom design or creating your own base out of other parts, this is a rule you will want to keep in mind to ensure your tables are always sturdy and reliable.

Getting proper seating for your restaurant does not have to be a chore. Choosing the right size table base can be an easy task if you plan ahead and make sure you have enough support. The most important factor is having tables that are properly supported for a safe and enjoyable environment for customers.