Choosing the Best Chair for Your Restaurant

There are many decisions to be made when planning your restaurant. From the menu and the vendors to the table material and napkins, there are many behind the scenes moments leading up to the opening day. With seating being one of the most crucial elements of any restaurant, choosing the right chairs for your restaurant requires careful consideration. When it comes to making the right choice, we have a few helpful guidelines to bear in mind while shopping.

One of the first factors to remember when choosing the best chair for your restaurant is the size of space you have available. While the goal is to be able to fit more tables to accommodate more guests, you cannot simply fill the room with tables and chairs; there needs to be adequate space to move in between them for the comfort and safety of both your staff and guests. The types of chairs you choose will be dependent upon space restrictions. With proper table measurements, as well as the measurements of the space itself, you can figure out the best-sized chairs for your restaurant.

The next factor to consider is finding the right style to match your overall theme. While there are many materials and styles to choose from, whether metal bar stools or wood framed chairs, you have to find the one that is perfect for your theme. If your restaurant features a modern vibe with the tables and rest of the décor, the chairs should match that element, or they will look out of place. If going for a rustic vibe, choosing metal framed bar stools would look less appropriate than wood framed chairs.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right chairs for your restaurant is how much maintenance you are willing to invest in extending the life of the chairs. While wood framed chairs offer long-lasting style, they may require more cleaning than plastic chairs. Metal chairs and plastic chairs require relatively little maintenance when used indoors, so consider which more perfectly suits your dining space. It all depends on which criteria is the most important to you when searching for seating options.