Choosing Standard or Designer Table Bases

When it comes to designing your restaurant, the aesthetic appeal and artistic style of your furniture can be just as important as how comfortable it is in the eyes of your customer. Everything from the table tops to the bases has an impact on the overall atmosphere of your restaurant. However, there is still a big choice to make between standard and designer table bases. Having great looking table tops and other furniture is a given, but bases are often overlooked because they are much less visible. Even if they are less prominent to the eye, it is important to remember that small details can really elevate your reputation.

When struggling to choose between standard or designer bases, we have a few things to keep in mind. When it comes to table bases, there are many options to consider. Height, length, and width, how much weight they can support, material, and design, it can be a pain trying to figure out the perfect fit for your restaurant. When focusing on design, choosing between standard and designer table bases is a complicated enough task. The primary difference between these options is their artistic appeal, and, of course, the price. While you may be tempted to go for the more affordable option, sometimes it is best to spend a little more to find the perfect part for your restaurant.

When deciding between standard or designer bases, another important factor to consider is the placement of your tables. The level of lighting and height of tables will drastically change how important artistic bases are. For example, shorter indoor tables in a darker room are a perfect candidate for standard bases, as there is less visibility and focus on them. However, tall tables and those that are on display for everyone to see outdoors will be much better served by designer bases.

Another factor is finding the right styles to match the table tops. When choosing any type of base, the most important part is making sure it can adequately support the table. The second most important may be if the style will clash or blend in perfectly. If you have beautiful granite table tops and basic bases, it may make the overall table look less appealing.

When shopping for any type of commercial furniture, always stay true to your unique vision for your restaurant. With these helpful reminders, you are sure to make your vision a reality in no time.