Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Hotels

When staying at a hotel, guests have certain expectations. They expect the experience to be flawless from start to finish. With the outdoor lounging areas, especially the pool area, taking on more and more emphasis on why guests select a certain hotel, it would be wise to ensure an inviting outdoor atmosphere. One of the best ways to ensure guest satisfaction with the outdoor area is to purchase outdoor furniture of exceptional quality and comfort while still meeting all of the stylistic goals of the surrounding establishment. When choosing outdoor furniture for a hotel, we have a few tips to help you find the best option.

Material Matters

  • Certain materials work better than others for outdoor furniture. The most popular choices are metal and plastic.
  • When choosing materials, keep in mind that each material reacts differently than the others. For example, not all metals are the same. Aluminum is unlikely to rust whereas steel is more prone to rust damage. It is important to know which factors matter most in terms of needs and outcomes when choosing material.
  • When choosing the right materials, also keep in mind where you intend to place the furniture. Are you looking for poolside seating which has its own unique needs? Are you looking for outdoor furniture to be placed on the patio area of a common spot away from the pool? Is this furniture that will be used in direct sunlight or in a shaded area? Answering the questions of where will help you decide on the materials.



  • Keep in mind that some outdoor furniture may require more upkeep than others, depending on the materials, the amount of use, and the location. Make sure that you are willing to invest the time needed to keep furniture looking great for years to come.
  • Whether maintaining wood, plastic, or metal, it is important to schedule it routinely. While cleaning may not be a daily chore, it should be done on a weekly basis to ensure the prevention of build-up, mold-mildew, or rust, depending on your material.
  • You should also regularly check any hardware, such as nuts and bolts, to keep furniture sturdy and supportive for your guests.