Butcher Block Table Maintenance

As any restaurant owner knows, keeping surfaces clean and sanitary is of paramount importance to a well-functioning business. Aside from being required by food serving industry standards and the impression it leaves on your customers, keeping a clean restaurant can help cut down on the wear and tear your furniture will suffer over the years. A popular option for many because of the beauty and style they offer, butcher block tables are a prime example of the importance of keeping furniture clean and well-maintained to keep them beautiful for years.

When it comes to butcher block table maintenance, the most important element is to wipe up stains quickly. Some butcher block tables have a protective coating with a water-resistant sealant while others may not have a coating. It should be noted that it is not fully waterproof, and if there is an opening in the seal, water can definitely get into the wood. With butcher block tables, it is best to keep them clean from the beginning instead of making the job harder for yourself by waiting. If you promptly wipe up spills, you can avoid damage in the seal altogether.

Aside from wiping any spills quickly, there will be routine butcher block table maintenance to keep in mind to extend the life of your tables. Cleanintg them daily with a mild cleaner and a sponge, as well as a mild disinfectant to eliminate any bacteria harboring in the wood. It is important to remember that some butcher block tables do not have a protective seal and feature untreated wood instead making it more porous. In order to care for your butcher block table properly, you should know which type you have and let that determine how to tailor your maintenance.

As long as you clean the surface regularly and treat any issues that arise promptly, your butcher block table can last for years while retaining the original natural beauty. The more your restaurant staff do to prevent dirt and debris, and keeping the wood table tops properly cleaned, will increase the longevity of your restaurant furniture.