Top 4 Considerations When Buying Restaurant Barstools

Are you looking to buy restaurant barstools? Perhaps you are beginning the exciting process of opening your very first restaurant. Alternatively, your restaurant has been in the family for decades, and it’s time to give the bar or dining area an update with new pub tables and barstools. Barstools are an important piece of furniture for almost every type of restaurant. A lot of restaurant owners are now adding barstools their main dining area, or expanding their bar area to include more high top seating. Seamlessly incorporating barstools into your other restaurant seating, including chairs and booths, gives each customer the option of choosing their seating style preference when visiting your restaurant.

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Any restaurant owner can get barstools in various patterns, designs, and options suiting different client specifications. Choices include material, color, seat style, back style and more. There are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing barstools for your restaurant. This blog covers the top four considerations to review before purchasing the right barstools for your business.

1. Style of Restaurant Barstools

The style of the barstools you buy is extremely important. It is important to purchase stools that match the overall setup and theme of your restaurant. If updating an existing restaurant, you make sure the style of the barstools you are buying matches that of any existing furnishing items you intend to keep. Complementing furniture and furnishings will make your place more appealing, and can help boost sales and encourage customers to return. Barstools are available with many different back styles, seat styles and constructed from a variety of types of material, most commonly wood or metal.

2. Color of the Barstool

When buying restaurant barstools, color is an important feature to consider. It is important to make sure the stools match the current setup, or your intended color scheme for a new restaurant. There are so many options to choose from in every color imaginable when it comes to barstools. Wood barstools have a variety of stain color options, and metal barstools come in a variety of metal finish options as well. Wood seats come in the same color variety, and vinyl seat color options are unlimited. Plush upholstered seat options can be custom matched to other upholstery in your restaurant theme.

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You may want to do some research on coordinating or contrasting color schemes. A color wheel website can greatly assist with this project. The customer support team at Missouri Table & Chair will also be happy to answer your questions and give you advice. Color tones that don’t work well can be a subconscious turnoff to customers. Well picked colors will brighten up your restaurant ambiance and make it more appealing to people.

3. Durability of The Restaurant Bar Stool

Always make sure that you choose durable barstools that give you value for your money. There is a saying that quality can speak for itself. A lot of people assume they can assess the durability of furniture just by looking at it. This is absolutely not the case with commercial barstools, especially if you are purchasing online where the best prices are found. It’s impossible to distinguish the quality of a barstool from an online picture. Restaurant barstools are manufactured differently than those for home dining, as they will be used much more often in a restaurant. Also, commercial furniture manufacturers create different grades of barstools so that there will be options to accommodate each businesses’ budget. The best way to ensure you get the most durable barstool for your money is to discuss the specific construction of the stools you want to by with any vendors you are considering.

4. Commercially Rated

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Another very important consideration when purchasing restaurant barstools, or any other restaurant furniture for that matter, is whether the barstool is rated for commercial use. As mentioned above, commercial barstools see much more use than those in a home setting. At a restaurant, customers may climb on the sides of the barstools, or push them back away from the bar or table onto the back legs. Kids may climb all over the barstools. Even when used properly, in a busy restaurant, barstools will see almost constant use. Barstools for the home are simply not made to withstand this use. Any good restaurant barstool will come with a commercial warranty that will protect your investment. That way you’ll be covered in the unlikely event you get a defective barstool. A warranty works as assurance that the firm sells high-quality goods.


With the internet, it is now a breeze to find and buy quality barstools for your restaurant. You need to take some time and find a good online restaurant furniture site with the right furniture for you. There is a huge selection of barstools out there waiting for you to select the perfect ones.