5 Popular Options for Restaurant Tables

Are you planning to set up a new restaurant business and looking for some quality furniture to spruce up your establishment, or you have decided on a complete redesign of your existing restaurant space. In either case, you can’t overlook the importance of choosing the right kind of restaurant tables. Tables contribute to creating the perfect ambience and décor that would help a customer categorize your establishment as excellent. The right selection of table tops is can transform a chaotic and suffocating space into something serene and rejuvenating.  Restaurant tables are manufactured from many types of material, and a few of the most popular types of table tops for restaurants are discussed below.

Wood Table Tops

Wood is among the most popular choices for table tops as it is durability and economical. A wood table top can be coupled with a wide variety of table bases to look fabulous in almost any type of setting. Wood offers a warm and pleasing environment with its all natural look and feel. This versatile table top material becomes an even wiser pick for the restaurant owners as it is will last a long time with the proper maintenance, making it a great long term investment. Wood table tops come in a wide assortment of wood species with and are available in varying thicknesses. Each kind of wood finish, including cherry, ash, maple, oak, pine, alder, mahogany and walnut, offers a distinct feel to your establishment.  Wood tables can also be personalized in a variety of stains and edge style options. The plank style and butcher block table tops are most common types of wood table tops used in restaurant business industry. With increased focus on green building and environmentally friendly construction, table tops are even made with reclaimed wood. Apart from its inherent ‘vintage’ look and feel, this renewable material can substitute a wide range of environmentally damaging products.

Laminate Table Tops

Available in literally hundreds of colors to complement any color or design scheme, the laminate table tops come in a range of styles and size options. Fantastic looks, high on durability and easy maintenance makes laminate table tops a perfect choice for your establishment – be it a bar, restaurant, coffee house, pizzeria or any up-scale eatery. If you have a new setup with a tight budget, the laminate table tops can be a great option for your establishment. Designed to be hard wearing and practical, laminate tops go well with all types of restaurant settings. These tables can be ordered in a variety of edge designs, such as T-mold, wood-edge and self-edge. These laminate table tops generally come in round, square and rectangular sizes.

Granite Table Tops

Granite table tops are commercial grade table tops that can be safely placed inside or outside the restaurant. Generally, restaurants that want to showcase a ritzy look to attract customers tend to use granite table tops. These restaurant table tops look gorgeous and offer the solid feeling of stone and create a wonderful ambiance for your customers. Made of granite, these table tops are naturally durable, easy to clean and demands little maintenance. They offer great return on investment and prove to be economical in the long run. Granite is naturally formed rock that showcases interesting appearances in a range of muted as well as exotic colors.

Metal Table Tops

If you are looking for efficient table tops for a new or existing outdoor restaurant patio or deck, you can consider purchasing table tops made of aluminum and stainless steel metal tables which are two of the most popular choices. Such table tops are not only functional, lightweight and easily movable for cleaning, but also give a fresh, contemporary look to your restaurant patio table tops. These table tops are also resistant to weather changes, and a great option that is weather and rust resistant.

Resin Table Tops

Resin table tops is another restaurateur favorite when it comes to making a choice for restaurant table tops for their economical nature, low maintenance and fantastic looks. Like laminate table tops, resin table tops also come in a wide variety of sizes and finish colors. Developed specifically to cater to the needs of the hospitality industry, resin tops are easy to clean – all you need is a gentle wipe with some warm water or a mild detergent mixture. These commercial grade resin table tops make a good choice for commercial patio furniture as they reduce heat and reflection.