Best Tables For Restaurant Styles

When designing your restaurant layout and concept, there are many factors to carefully consider. From the type of equipment to the number of napkins, the decisions are endless and each one can have an impact on your business and profits. When it comes to choosing the best tables for restaurant styles, we have a few suggestions to help you navigate this tricky purchase.

One of the most helpful suggestions when figuring out the best tables for restaurant styles is to figure out your style first. While tables are available in many different styles, from classic mom and pop options to futuristic city styles, you need to really understand your own vision for your restaurant first. Unless you are looking for a kitschy, mismatched vibe catering to an artsy district in town, you will want a more uniformed look for your dining area. The goal is to find commercial tables that can bring your design idea to completion while being highly functional.

Here are some basic guidelines for finding the best tables for restaurant styles:

Family-friendly establishments and quick service restaurants, such as frozen yogurt shops, pizza places, and burger joints, should look for tables that meet certain criteria. Tables should be brightly colored to entice younger crowds. They should be made of sturdy materials, such as plastic, aluminum, resin, or quartz, to ensure they can keep up with the demands of both high traffic and demanding customers.

Casual dining locations tend to choose more muted colors instead of eye-catching ones, but this depends on preference and location. If you are a sports bar near a college for example, colorful tables would be more acceptable than a toned-down casual dining location catering to older patrons. Choose tables with the same quality and durability factor as quick service tables, but with the added factor of increased visual appeal. Many casual dining restaurants use wood tables for added elegance and to create an element of elevated dining.

Upscale dining locations focus more on the visual appeal than the other two categories simply because their image is more prominently noticed by customers. This type of restaurant typically uses high-quality wood tables in a variety of deep, rich tones.