Best Chairs For Restaurant Styles

When it comes to setting up your restaurant for success, there are many factors to carefully consider. While the menu may be the most important element, the ambiance is certainly essential. With the furniture in your dining area playing such a large role in the success of your business, finding the best chairs for restaurant styles matters. Choosing the right chairs may seem like it is only based on coordinating correctly with the chosen table, but there is more to it. The type of restaurant you are operating plays a role in what types of chairs are most appropriate and functional for you.

When choosing the best chairs for restaurant styles, you should have a firm idea of what we mean by style. We are not talking simply about the décor of your lobby, although that plays a part in the decision process. We are talking about the category your restaurant falls under, such as quick service, casual dining, and sophisticated dining.

Here are some basic suggestions to follow to find the best chairs for restaurant styles. For quick-service locations, such as pizza, frozen yogurt, and hamburger places, the main priority is durability. While you should also look at styles that are bright and colorful for a fun vibe, sturdiness often trumps other factors. Your business will most likely be a high traffic endeavor catering to a younger, more accident prone crowd such as teens and families with young children. You want chairs that are made from materials you can count on to last for many years, such as plastic, aluminum, or metal framed. These materials can withstand the hustle and bustle of the quick service world while being easy to maintain for your staff. They are also lightweight which makes them ideal for your younger customers to easily pull them out.

For casual dining locations, sports bars for example, chairs need to meet a slightly different set of criteria. While many casual dining locations utilize booth seating, chairs are still a great asset for your floor plan. For this type of location, the best style chair for your needs will most likely be made of stronger metals or wood instead of plastic or aluminum. You also have more room to play with in regards to chair weight since customers tend to be adults at casual dining locations. This means you can choose heavier, sturdier options for chairs.

For sophisticated dining, custom stained wood chairs or upholstered options may be excellent choices. You want to choose chairs that present an elevated dining experience and a touch of elegance. A popular choice for chairs for this setting is wood. Wood comes in many rich tones to accommodate any décor and offers long-lasting beauty your customers will enjoy.